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Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports (connectors) allow you to attach almost any equipment, for example scanners, printers, digital cameras, Camcorders, Modems, Sound system, Flash / Pen Drive, etc. Data transfer through USB port is much faster compared to the old-style of Serial ports.

Many people in business, students and almost everyone these days want their stored information is easily available when they need it. For this reason they transfer or copy their data into a mobile-storage devices, USB-drive (also called Pen-drive). In order to use the Pen-drives, you would need USB-port of a computer.

If the computer´s USB ports are located on the back of the computer, this can cause difficulty in accessing them, especially if it is a desktop computer. If they are leaned against the wall or any similar, you would have to pull them out in order to see the USB-port; in some cases this may not be possible. Therefore, when you buy a computer, it is important that the computer has additional USB ports located at the front side or any convenient sides for ease of use. Don't worry however, you can buy a USB-hub that allows you extend the USB port via cable to the front of the computer.


The same is true for speaker and microphone sockets. If would be preferred if there are additional available at the front of the desktop computer. This allows you to easily hook headphone jack and enjoy your music or movie.

Updated: 10 Dec 2011

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Yohannes Berhe