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The sound card in itself is not enough to ensure good quality sound. This cannot be achieved if you have poor quality speaker. It is therefore equally important to also look for a good quality of speakers, and to the position of the speakers around the computer-some are mounted speakers, some are built-in (for example laptops, or built-in into the Monitor of a Desktop computer, and some are just placed on top of the computer desk).

For most computers, especially desktops, the Sound sockets are located on the back of the computer, which makes it difficult at times, to connect and pull-out any sound equipment jacks; you will have to move the position of your whole computer in order to connect the jack, which is not convenient to do this continuously. Therefore, you have to look for computers that come with additional sound sockets located at the front of the computer case. This allows you to easily hook headphone jack and enjoy your music or movie.

Updated: 10 Dec 2011
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Yohannes Berhe