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This is a computer screen that shows what the computer is doing. Whatever we write on, or if there is any messages that comes up in response of our interaction with the computer, is displayed on the Monitor. Some makes also incorporate speakers in them, and some models have a webcam built in.

The clarity of image displayed on the Monitor is dependent on the screen-resolution, measured in mega-pixels. These days, most computers come with a minimum 28 dots per inch and 1024 X 768 screen resolution. The higher the dots per inch and screen-resolution, the sharper the images would be, and this helps your eyes from strain.

Another important area you need to consider is the refresh rate of the screen, which is measured in Hz. Is you plan to use your computer for games, the refresh rate (speed) should be a minimum of 75Hz.

Personal computers come in various sizes, namely 15 inch, 17 inch and 19 inches, measured diagonally. Note however, the viewable screen area or the tube size, might be smaller than the actual monitor size. So look for the specification, which in most cases is written in small prints. The higher viewable screen area would be preferable in this case. If you are planning to use your computer for surfing the Internet, it is wise to know that most web-sites are designed for 17 inch screen. Therefore, by buying 17 inch monitor you can save time spent on scrolling for information on their pages.

When you buy, take into account available space you have, and decide whether to go for a standard CRT monitor or a Flat-screen one. Flat-screen saves a lot of space, but might be expensive. These days, you can buy a Flat-screen monitor at descent prices. Flat-screen monitors also come in two designs (LCD or Plasma). The Plasma one may be good for your eyes, but again, watch your budget. The LCD would always be good and affordable choice, especially if you choose the one with higher resolution.

New Generation of Monitor Technology

Desktop and Laptop monitors have now underwent new development of HD (High Definition) and 3D capabilities. This of course will add to the cost of a computer compared to the standard screen ones. However, as the HD technology has now become widely used features in Television, Cameras and DVD player systems, it would be wise considering if you can afford the price.

All-In-One Technology

Unlike in the previous years, of single purpose monitors, now, they have come built-in with a hard disk and with the whole computer features. This makes the technology neat; no more hassle of dangling cables that mess your desk; with these technology, you need very little space, just to put on your monitor, as all is built in. Versions of these systems also come with a touch-screen feature, hence you might be interested as well.

Updated: 10 Dec 2011

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Yohannes Berhe