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Optical Drive is a general name for CD, DVD and Blu-ray Drives of a computer. This is what is shown usually included on computer specifications.


Because most programmes and software come in CDs, most computers are sold with a CD or DVD drive installed. This enables you play CDs or install software that come on CDs or DVDs. Most Movies and many games come in DVDs, and therefore you need a DVD drive to play them. Therefore, a computer should at least come with a DVD-ROM Drive installed. This will ensure you play both CDs and DVDs on your computer.

You may also want to share information with others, or want a copy of information on a CD or a copy of your family movie on a DVD. A DVD-ROM Drive will not enable you to make copies on CDs or DVDs. Therefore, you need to have a DVD-Rewriter Drive, in order to do so. This will enable you to Re-write CDs and DVDs alike, and share information and media files as you like. Please therefore check carefully, in the computer specifications, the computer you buy has the features you need.


A more recent advances in the Oprical drive development is the prelude of Blu-ray. Blu-ray is also known as Bluray Disc or abbreviated as BD. Bluray Disc's storage capacity is Five times larger compared to DVD, therefore is great achievement. This enables storing High definition and 3D movies in one Bluray Disc, which is great for entertainment.

Blu-ray Discs are only playable in Blu-ray players. Therefore, a computer that comes with Blu-ray drive has an advantage over others that have only DVD drives. However, you have to be prepared to pay a little more bucks, being that is the latest technology. This is also true for stand-alone media players.

Similar to the CD or DVD drives, Bluray drives also come as ReWriters Blu-ray Rewriters, usually shown as BD –RE. This feature helps make a copy of your own Bluray movie.


Do you know that a DVD can store up to 4.7 GB to 8 GB Data? A CD can only store a maximum of 0.7 GB data. A Blu-ray stores Five times larger that a DVD.

There are different names of CDs and DVDs. Although I believe most modern computers would allow you to use them without any problems, it would be advisable, to buy CDs or DVDs that your computer supports. Look at what is written at the front of the CD or DVD Drive; it tells what types of CDs or DVDs it supports. So make a note of them and buy the right makes you need. This variation only applies when you plan to make copies of CDs or DVDs, but does not affect playing any type of CDs or DVDs.

Updated: 08 Jan 2013

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Yohannes Berhe